High Alchemist and Gift Fair

The next winter weekend for the High Alchemist began with checking potion recipes. However, he was very upset when he did not see various hunting gifts on the shelves of his laboratory. Dressed in his winter outfit, the alchemist went straight to the fair, to the stalls of forest gifts, to replenish the dwindling stocks of mushrooms, berries and other curiosities that forest animals bestow on hunters:

"A handful of nuts, cheap, cheap, 20% off the government price," one of the merchants yelled.

"A spicy, fragrant, rare overseas truffle with a 50% discount, you won't find clones like this in all the lands," was heard from a nearby counter.

"The freshest honey, as sweet as my life, and even sweeter with a 50% discount!" came from the third counter.

Having bypassed several merchants, the High Alchemist collected plenty of the necessary ingredients, but he was shocked and outraged by such huge discounts on this product. After all, in order to get these outlandish gifts, you need to build a principality, develop spacious lands, acquire a hunting license, guns, cartridges and ammunition. "How is it that they are sold at such a discount?" - the Supreme Alchemist could not calm down in any way.

And he sat down to leaf through his papers in order to understand where such discounts on gifts come from. Do merchants sell them at a loss? After weighing all the calculations in detail, the alchemist realized that many hunters do not have their own lands and hunt in foreign principalities. However, having shot their guns well, they bring huge losses to the princes in whose lands they hunt. And the reason for this is the huge bonus payments appointed by the princes. 

And the Supreme Alchemist decided to prohibit any payments to hunters from the princes!