The first airdrop in the world of clones

Dear players of the clone world! Many of you know that our project aims to become an integral part of the crypto industry. The world of cryptocurrencies is full of various pleasant surprises and promotions, which are commonly called Airdrops. In simple words, these are free distributions of this or that property for that part of the audience that has fulfilled certain conditions announced by the project administration.

The first Airdrop in the clone world will affect princes who have their own hunting grounds.

Participation conditions :

• Be a prince.

• Have at least one developed site of any type.

• The Principality must be repaired.

• There must be no hungry clones on the account.

• There must be no broken properties or settlements on the account.


• Hunting ticket for a marten.

• Fox hunting ticket.

• Hunting ticket for a wolf.

• Hunting ticket for wild boar.

• Deer hunting license.

• Hunting ticket for elk.

• Bear hunting ticket.


1. The maximum term of any hunting license is 24 hours. 

2. The clone prince receives the ticket. If there are several principalities on the account, all clone princes participate.

3. If the winning clone has another hunting ticket, the new ticket will not affect him in any way.

4. The prize can come at any time of the day.

5. Winners will receive prize notifications via in-game mail.

6. The validity period of the ticket starts from the moment when the notification was received.

7. To have a chance to win a ticket of any type, you must have a ground of this type of animal.

8. The more land available - the higher the chance of winning!

9. This Airdrop has no time frame, but can be completed at the initiative of the administration.