The results of the investigation of the Chief Gamekeeper of the Land of the Clones

The chief huntsman conducted an audit of his complaint book and indignantly discovered that some of his negligent assistants, foresters, not only sometimes did not respond to the residents' appeals, but were often participants in dubious stories:

For example, if two clones arrived at the same time with the collected pieces of the Great Hunter card, then the forest rangers could give preference to older clones, driving the younger clones away without salt. Also, despite the clear instructions of the Chief Gamekeeper that with the beginning of each round, all clones, both those who have already hunted and those who have started this difficult task for the first time, should be in equal conditions - the forest rangers handed out the first piece of the map to all the clones that participated in previous rounds , thereby infringing on those who start hunting for the first time. But most of all, the Chief Gamekeeper was outraged that negligent foresters allowed clones to participate in the "Great Hunter" with pieces of the map that the hunters left for themselves when leaving the hunt, and then returned after a while, when a completely different tour was already taking place.

Therefore, the Chief Gamekeeper decided:

1. Publicly apply "flogging wounds" to negligent foresters, so that henceforth it would be disrespectful to others.

2. Recruit new rangers and instruct them to strictly follow his instructions.

3. Transfer the statistics on the collected map pieces at the time of the resumption of payments to the new forest ranger, so that they equally share the prize between all clone hunters who collect all 7 map pieces. And so that in the future they would not be partial and act in the same way if at the same time several clones come to them with a collected map.