New rules for the closure of geological developments

Yesterday, the chief huntsman and the chief geologist at the party at Baba Yaga ate delicious food and drank fragrant elixirs. And then the huntsman told about his latest unpleasant discoveries and about what successful decisions he made to correct the situation. We also looked at the magic projector of Baba Yaga and shots of the execution of the guilty foresters. “So they need it, these rogues! - said the old woman and, unable to restrain herself from laughter, continued: - I would generally drive them with a filthy broom.

And in the morning, the chief geologist of the Land of Clones, assessing the situation in geological developments (sand, salt, and others), decided:

The first attempt to close developments will be made at any time after three days have passed since the start of collecting materials. Attempts will be made at various times until the development is completely closed.