Heading "Events". 10 years of the Hunt block!

Good afternoon, dear readers!

The developers of the game are working around the clock to improve our favorite game, Age of the Clones! And the best gratitude for them is to reap the fruits of their creativity! I want to draw your attention to the fact that exactly 10 years ago, namely on February 15, 2010, the "Hunting" block was introduced into the game.

In this simple block you can virtually plunge into active recreation - hunting! And note that you do not even kill the animal, but simply put it to sleep, i.e. in fact, you just catch it, and it pays off you with its forest gifts! All you need for hunting is a license, a gun for the corresponding animal and cartridges. And of course, you can increase your chances of a successful hunt by purchasing the necessary hunting equipment.

I think that the 10th anniversary of one of the many available blocks is a very solid period that deserves attention and respect! Everyone chooses their own development strategy, being an experienced player or just a beginner who is looking for himself in different game strategies!

I want to remind you that on the Hunt you can get a lot of useful things, ranging from gifts to a solid game prize - good luck and luck will do everything!

For example, just today (02/15/2020) in the "Lucky Clone" contest, more than 20 gold coins were paid out! Hunters have also earned over 70 gold in the Great Hunter contest. Solid payout!

In addition, you can always sell your honestly "extracted" forest gifts at the fair. Today alone, about 6,700 units of this type of resource have been put up, more than 850 have been purchased!

Note that the replenishment of kalita automatically daily from the Benefits Fund has not been canceled either!

In addition, you can find a lot of useful information on the game's forum, where experienced hunters share their experience of earning money in this block, share their tricks and tricks. After all, hunting together is much more fun!

Happy hunting everyone!

Sincerely, teenik!

Author: tenik , Editor: AdelinaL