Rubric "Life of the Clone Age". New world.

I stood on a high hill and watched a detachment of my colleagues go into the distance. We became friends with many. Still, shoulder to shoulder six years won. It happened that they ate from one pot.

Eh! Well, how. I looked around. Endless fields, forests, the glitter of a lake in the distance. That's how many opportunities open up!

So what if there are no trade routes with the old world yet. We are people! We will build houses, farms, we will start all living creatures. We will survive. Where ours did not disappear!

Over in that valley, work is already in full swing. It seems like a week ago it was empty, but today several houses have already been built. And near them, someone has already broken a vegetable garden.

O! My friend is running away. He also decided to stay in the conquered lands.

- Hey! Buddy! Where are you going? I shouted at him.

- BUT? What? And it's you. Yes, workers are needed there, so I'm running. There's a salary oh-hoo! Such money at home never dreamed of. Come on, if anything, pull yourself up too. Sea work!

Here! I'm telling you, we'll settle down everywhere! One problem is the remnants of Webman's troops. They say they set up ambushes and rob travelers. Well, so we are not born with a bast. There are some weapons. Yes, we can handle it. So let's deal with the marauders.

And yet, a quartermaster told me in secret that Webman had some kind of portals. No one knows how these portals work, but Webman could send troops through them and sneak out himself. But our scouts saw through this case, and spoiled the portals a little. It seems like that's why we won the victory. He could not quickly transfer his troops.

I don’t know if the quartermaster told the truth or not, but if it’s true, then it would be great to sort them out and fix them. This is what kind of trade you can stir up! Surely, our engineers are already conjuring on these portals.

No, I made the right decision to stay in the conquered lands. This is where life begins! It's interesting here! And I just want to know what I'm capable of!

Author: Tehhi, Editor: AdelinaL