Heading "Conquered Lands". Start.

The thirteenth birthday of the game has just died down , significant for its opening of a new server - Conquered Lands , and there are already a lot of clones! Just imagine: for some 5 days, there were already about 3100 clones of almost all classes (except emperors)!

But that's not all. All of us well-known personalities immediately went to the princes. At the moment, 4 (!) Principalities are already being built, and this is all for a secondary resource.

Maybe I’ll reveal a secret to someone, but on this server, so far, almost the entire resource is supplied by the Commissioner of the Land of Clones at a price that is twice as high as the face value ... you can estimate the cost of the principalities yourself, in this way. But even so, the cost of construction for all is set to the maximum - 0.01 gold. There are not enough builders for everyone ... 

Let me remind you that there are no principalities yet. 200 letters were sold at AE. All AEs are currently in Imperial lands .

"But what about the houses?" - you ask. The situation with houses is quite interesting!

Already built 381 houses for the primary resource. But what's the catch? Why are there no estates, so beloved by many, and even more so castles? Everything is simple. The Commissioner did not bring a tertiary resource with him, and as you know, it can be mined and produced either by the owners of the principalities (which are not yet completed) or the owner of the village and above, who has developed enterprises for the processing of secondary products.

Hunting is also not possible yet, since there are no hunting grounds, which is logical. All sections of the fair are empty.

There is an interesting difference on the Conquered Lands server : cattle and pigs are sold by the state, as it was at the dawn of the development of the main server. But food for them is also limited and overpriced until the first crops of the new settlers are ripe.

You and I have considered some aspects of the development of new lands, far from all points have been touched upon. Thus, it is clear that these lands are of interest to many, because in addition to excitement, you can also get great prizes here! Namely:

  • A bag of gold to the first miners of precious stones (200 gold each);
  • Bag of gold for the builder of the castle (first: 1000 gold, second: 500, third: 300).

And who knows what other rewards we will see there? For the first dragon? For the first wonder of the world or terms? Go ahead, friends! To explore new lands! Gold is waiting for you! You have a real chance to become a TOP player! Or find your niche and take a dominant position in it! Dare!

Sincerely yours fAntoM59!

Ps I took a chance and the pace of development amaze me!

Author: fAntoM59 , Editor: AdelinaL