New Year's prophecy from hesk. Is the full potential of water revealed?

The magicians and alchemists of the land of clones stopped studying the Conquered Lands and their mysterious portals a long time ago . On Christmas and New Year's Eve, they cared about only one find: an ancient dilapidated well on the edge of the rock of death, around which a mystical atmosphere reigned. According to the legends of local residents, he could do both pure good and real evil and never obeyed anyone. Up to this day…

The archmage of the clone world, armed with the Dragon Amulet from the wondrous stone of the local lands, was able to touch the well and darkness fell. The whole world around has changed, the lands again blazed with the fires of hundreds of dragons. Devastation and chaos once again engulfed the Conquered Lands. The magician realized that now he managed to look into the future. And now his main goal is to see as many events as possible in order to try to prevent them, or at least carefully prepare.

As he passed through the battlefields, he saw Webman's huge troops passing through the portals of the principalities. Still, it was worth spending more time studying marvelous portals and new magic stones Portalin and Elvereon . Why didn't we try to channel clones through the portals? From the portals of administrative units, new dragons appeared, which took the side of the clones. The sage was more and more surprised by what he saw.

But in this war, as it turned out, the dragons were not only on the side of the clone world. For the first time, the sage saw the dragons obey the orders of General Sisko and Admiral Culebra . The elder was not ready for such a turn, and the world in his eyes completely faded. Cold sweat broke through his entire body, and the thought flashed through his head that all efforts were in vain. He understood that Webman 's armyled by powerful reptiles, they cannot be defeated. Collecting his thoughts, the magician continued his journey and saw another hitherto unseen picture: the dragon of one of the commanders-in-chief of the clone world was drinking water from a well. The Dragon! Water! The old man couldn't even believe his eyes. The marvelous amulet around the dragon's neck glowed with a piercing blue light, and it flew over the ruins in order to fight General Webman himself and his fiery ward ...

A strong shock wave swept across the ground, and the old man again found himself at the dilapidated well, from which a voice came:

- You can't know everything. Nobody can know everything! But everyone can change everything.

The sage was well aware that on the eve of the holidays such news could frighten the people and decided to keep this information to himself, and for all those who asked about the well, he wrote the following lines:

“Dear clones, very soon we will have a wonderful year 2021, which will be marked by new victories and reaching new heights. No well will tell you your fate, because this value depends only on your efforts and efforts. Let your families be happy, and the warmth of this wonderful holiday will warm all the kids. Let there be a feast!”

I have the honor to bow, hesk.

Author: hesk , Editor: AdelinaL