Prophecy of the ancient Aztecs. Age of water.

It happened about 3500 years ago. It was a hot day as usual. In the Anahuac Valley, in the city of Tenochtitlan, the kings (tlatoani) of all the cities of the ancient Aztecs and the high priests did not leave the Great Temple for the third month: they were destined to complete a great work and give it to all mankind. They compiled the Aztec calendar. Centuries-old. For several millennia, they painted everything until 2020. But then they could not understand what would happen. The Five Ages of the Sun have been described in great detail in their interpretations.

They themselves lived in the era of the First Sun and clearly saw that it would end after 4008 years with an earthquake. This was followed by the era of the Second Sun, which will end with a hurricane after 4010 years of its existence. It will be replaced by the era of the Third Sun. But in 4081 years, the fiery rain from volcanic eruptions will draw a line under this period as well. The Fourth Sun will last much longer... 5026 years, which will be replaced by the last epoch that they clearly saw: the Fifth Sun. But it will last only 5125 years, and will end in 2020.

But here's what's next, the priests did not see. They understood that the era of the Sixth Sun should follow, but what was wrong with it and why they did not see it, they could not understand. And what kind of sages and clairvoyants they did not attract - no one could help them. They were tormented for 3 months of endless search for an answer to their question and decided that in such an unfinished form they would pass the calendar to their descendants. And without that, everything was painted for many thousands of years.

But only history is silent about what happened next.

The three priests were haunted by the thought of the calendar. They wanted not only to master the state budget (if you only knew how many gold coins they received for the invented calendar!), but also to get to the bottom of the truth. They arranged a secret council. We stocked up on chocolate with a vengeance and sat down on Chapultepec Hill. Many days and nights they racked their brains. They drank hot chocolate, ate chocolate bars and cocoa beans: already in those distant times, mankind knew about how chocolate helps with increased mental stress! And good quality chocolate works wonders! And then one night the leader of the Olmecs could not sleep and went out to look at the stars. It was full moon. The big moon shone so brightly that it illuminated the entire city. And then, as if something from above riveted his gaze to the network of aqueducts, which was built to supply the city with drinking water.

  • Water! Yes, of course!

The priest of Ilhikamin exclaimed this so loudly that he woke up all the like-minded people.

He realized that they could not continue the calendar because they were fixated on the era of the Sixth Sun! And therein lay the mistake. They did not understand that the Age of Water was coming. It will replace the eras of the Sun that burn with its fire and the Era of Water, pleasant in all respects, will come. It will bring harmony to all mankind, prosperity. Those who will live at the junction of the Era of the Fifth Sun and the Age of Water will absorb all the energy of the sun and the wealth of water. By wisely disposing of everything that will be given to them, they will be able to reach unprecedented heights in achieving their goals, growth, and the realization of everything planned. And their energy will be so strong that there will be no end and end of this era of great achievements!

The priests rejoiced. Inspired by the unraveling of the mystery of the new Era, they were able to calculate the year when it would begin in order to pass this information on to a narrow circle of their descendants. Knowledge is power. Using this information, their descendants will be able to think in advance how water will help them reach unprecedented heights!

And this is what they were able to convey to us: the beginning of the new Era of Water will be in January 2021!

In the future, friends! All prosperity!

Author: AdelinaL