All the talk in Silicon Valley is about the metaverse.

Technology corporations believe that the Internet in its current form will become irrelevant in the foreseeable future. In its place will come the "metaverse" - a global virtual space in which you can live, work, meet friends and do all other daily activities.

Ideally, this is something like the world of The Matrix, or, to take a less depressing example, Oasis from the movie Ready Player One. But more mundane options are also possible, like already existing ecosystems.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, defines the metaverse as "kind of like an online playground where you can play Fortnite with your friends one moment and watch Netflix together the next." But Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, put it simply. He says that the metaverse is the "bulky Internet".

Indeed, we can play games with friends or watch movies together even now. The fundamental difference of the metaverse is that all games, applications and other virtual "worlds" are in a single space. You, just like in the movie Ready Player One, put on a VR helmet and go into a huge simulation where you can not only have fun, but also, say, go shopping, study or work in the office.

Name the 7 basic principles of the metaverse. She must:

1. Be constant. No pauses or reboots - this is an immanent, endless world.

2. Exist synchronously for everyone and in real time.

3. Have no limit on the number of users.

4. Have a fully functioning domestic economy. People can not only spend money in it, but also earn money, open their own business, invest and sell.

5. Connecting real life and virtual life. This is not so much a world separate from the real one as its augmentation, addition.

6. Provide users with "unprecedented interoperability" of data. So that if you bought an outfit for your Fortnite avatar, you can use it in any other game or app.

7. To be open to any authors and content makers who can create their own "experiences" within the metaverse.

Do you recognize? The world of clones is a unique eco system, a kind of prototype of the metaverse, which took our developers almost 15 years to develop and create.

But what a unique idea to create such a world!

Author: SergIvanSB , Editor: DarkSilver