How can tokens be useful?

The news about the appearance of "government tokens" in the World of Clones inspired the players. While we do not know the details about the implementation of tokens in the game, let's see how tokens are applied in other areas of life.

Here is a good example from Germany. There, entrepreneurs decided to combine their love for beer and love for cryptocurrency.

They decided to open the world's first decentralized brewery. This means that it will be owned and managed by the owners of special crypto-tokens - NFTs. These people can be citizens of any country and live anywhere in the world - there are no borders for cryptocurrencies. Tokens will replace the usual shares. They will give the holders a share in the co-ownership of a real German brewery and beer business, as well as the right to vote in key business decisions - what beer to brew, where to sell, at what price, etc. And yet - the right to 100 free mugs of beer a year.

Of course, the owner of the token can always sell or donate it, thereby transferring the rights to the new owner. I think tokens in the World of Clones will be implemented in a similar way.

Author: DarkSilver