Why clones need tokens?

In the discussions at the forum, there is a lack of understanding of part of the players, what these tokens are for and what they will give us. To answer this question, let’s go through the high-tech news headlines.

«UnCaged Studios, a developer of Solana blockchain games, raised $24 million from investors»

The essence of the article: the company develops games in which the characters do not earn useless «points», but crypto-coins, tokens. Tokens go into the player’s wallet (linked to a game account) and are good because you can dispose of these tokens not only inside the game, but also outside the game - exchange them on the stock exchange for another crypto or sell, thus earning real income from the game. Large global investors see great potential, so do not hesitate to invest millions of dollars in such projects.

Further, in the same article:
«At the end of last year, the firm raised 4.4 million dollars during the sale of tokens»

That is, the guys released a game token (did what the Golden Clone developers are doing now), and investors bought these tokens for 4 million. With this money, the developers were able to develop the project much faster and more actively. Investors, too, will not be at a disadvantage: as the project grows in popularity, the price of tokens increases, and investors who buy them at the start may in the future sell these tokens significantly more expensive.

And here is another article about the industry as a whole:

«The rapid growth of games with the concept of Play to Earn» - it is clear from the title that there is a real revaluation of the market of games with the introduced Play to Earn concept.

But wait, say you, because in «Golden Clone», thanks to the players-bankers it was possible to earn so many years? Why hype is now? Because thanks to the implementation of cryptocurrency tokens into the game it became possible to make this kind of earnings completely legal. If earlier in a number of countries the concept of «Play to Earn» raised questions, now the legal issues are left aside. You don’t earn money in the game - with game achievements you get tokens that you can sell and pay tax with this profit in your country.

Conclusion - in order to arrive at the ultimate goal - the metauniverse of clones, it is necessary to keep up with the times. Forward! The walker will overcome the way!

Autor: DarkSilver