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First assembly of a giant engine

Dear residents! On the significant birthday of the world of clones - 04/13/24, Emperor Lord_UNlockER began assembling the wonder of the world "Giant Engine". 

Congratulations to him on this great construction! 

We remind everyone of the news: “1000 coins to the person whose answer is closest!” dated February 23, 2024. 

We also remind you of the news: “Gold prizes for the first emperors! (Metropolia server” dated March 1, 2024.

The first emperor who will build the architectural miracle “Giant Engine” will be awarded a prize of 10,000 gold  coins.

The second emperor receives a prize of 5,000 gold coins.

The third emperor receives a prize of 3,000 gold coins.

The fourth emperor receives a prize of 2,000 gold coins.

Big giveaway this week

Dear residents of the world of clones! Within a few days, a large bonus  in gold coins is expected to be paid to one of the carriage owners! 

The main requirement for participation: that the car does not stand idle in the depot. Just send all the cars you have on the trip. The more cars go on a trip, the more chances you have! 

If you still don’t have wagons and don’t know how to become a depot owner.  They will be happy to give you advice in the help chat or general player chat!

We wish you a great mood and mountains of gold coins! 

Emperor Shaulk (Enclave Server)

On today's auspicious day, Emperor Shaulk  took the throne of his great Empire "GREATE TARTARIA".

Congratulations to him on this gaming achievement!

Let us wish the emperor wisdom and determination, and his empire great construction!

Let the wonders of the world delight the emperor and the inhabitants of his empire. Let the golden dragons guard his world. May your vault always be full of gold coins.

We wish you prosperity and conquering new heights of economic development, further victories and success in all your endeavors!

Pre-holiday discounts on social statuses

Dear players!

On the eve of the 17th birthday of the World of Clones,  the administration decided to offer additional discounts!

Starting today, from 18:00 GMT, a holiday promotion for social statuses of clones starts , which will last until 04/13/2024 23:59:59 GMT. All this time, differentiated discounts will work in the land of clones (from 5 to 29%) depending on the status being upgraded, the server and whether the player is managing a new or old account. A new account is defined as an account whose age does not exceed 365 days.

You can see the amount of discounts in the following table:

Affiliate payments for status upgrades for a given time period will be reduced in proportion to the applied discount for each discount category.

Hurry up to take part! Saving means earning.

Out-of-game airdrop for our active NFT users

Dear residents! Sometimes the world of cryptocurrency brings very pleasant surprises. If you are a fan of our game NFTs Porcus Guard or Taurus Guard and bought/sold them on the Tensor marketplace, perhaps you will become the lucky owner of an Airdrop for 420 TNSR tokens, with a total value of about $800 (at the time of writing the news).

To check if you qualify for this drop, go to the Jupiter exchange website (the link is in the game in the Wallet section, connect your wallet and see the Claim airdrop button. Then scroll down the page and see if you qualify for bonus tokens. Data tokens can be immediately exchanged for Solana or USDC directly on the exchange website or in the wallet itself.Or you can follow the direct drop link - connect your wallet there and test your luck!

As you can see, simply by buying and selling gaming NFTs you can become the owner of an impressive amount!!!

Don't forget about safety! After receiving tokens, it is advisable to disconnect the wallet from the site with the airdrop.

If you have questions about this promotion, feel free to ask them on the forum in the topic about the Jupiter exchange or in the telegram chat of our project.

We remind you that DeFI carries increased risks. Do your own research (DYOR).

Stay tuned for game news!

Peacocks and precious eggs (Both servers)

Peacocks will delight you with silver and golden eggs more often than usual! 

Treasure Hunters (Both servers)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Treasure maps found. There are a lot of gold coins here! Adventure and gold await cache seekers. Equip your troops and send them on a treasure hunt.

Optimizing KR payouts in liquidity pools

Dear players! The liquidity pools have a significant number of participants who receive daily rewards in the KR token directly to their wallets. To make it easier for new participants to enter the liquidity pools, the project administration is currently paying commissions for these transactions. Due to the rapid growth of the Solana exchange rate and, accordingly, the size of blockchain commissions, we are forced to introduce a restriction on the minimum payment of rewards in the KR token.

The minimum amount in krypton to be paid will be the equivalent of 0.0021 SOL at the exchange rate at the time of payment. If you have not reached the minimum amount, it continues to accumulate until it reaches the required value. The current amount of your accumulated amount can be viewed in the “Investor” → “Liquidity Pools” section. We remind you that in order to be able to view the amount you have accumulated directly from the game, you must link the wallet participating in the liquidity pool to your game account. Please note that the presence or absence of a wallet being linked to the game does not affect the payments themselves, but only allows you to view statistics within the game.

Issue of securities (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the Land of Clones! 

Today at 17:00 GMT, the issue of securities will begin:

State Farm Securities: 10,000 pcs.

Trade guild securities: 10,000 pcs.

Sawmill Securities: 10,000 pcs.

“Dragons’ Gold” securities: 100,000 pcs.

We wish you emotional trading and great acquisitions!

Sand Quarry (Metropolia server)

Dear residents of the virtual world! Geologists carried out exploration and found a site for sand miningThe quarry will become available for construction today at 17:00 GMT.