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Promising clones at the game auction

"Auction of clones" continues to storm. For two weeks almost the same artisans arrive there. Their similarity lies in the huge characteristics of the crime boss, compared to other lots (at least for the entire time I was in the game). After talking with some old-timers on the market square, I managed to hear an assumption that there was supposedly an "amnesty" for more than 7,000 authorities who once hunted on Webman's lands.

The assumption was based on a certain type of relationship (ambassadorial list) of each such "criminally trained" artisan. At first it seemed that this is so? Just think, a lot of rhemes, with an extensive list of "acquaintances", so what? Someone was constantly acquiring them, tempted by pumped judgment, experience and some "bonus" characteristics to boot. What is interesting about artisans-authorities? Let's figure it out.

Firstly , by placing such a clone in the Temple Complex (HC), for a symbolic 0.025 gold per day, +550 military knowledge (VC) will be accrued to him on an ongoing basis, due to compliance with the Octopus tournament league. Yes, yes, having a criminal authority of more than 70k units (and the clones in question have a reserve of more than 200k), without "extra" gestures, in a month they can have more than 16,500 military knowledge.

This type of pumping in a year will make your clone the owner of the badge of the 2nd golden league (365 days x 550 = 200750 OT). When guarding a castle drenched in pearls, he will protect the treasury of the castle or keep the defense of the city as a guard of the 6th gold league (200750 OT x 3 coefficients of the castle or city) - this is a very significant advantage.

And the prudence accrued to all this (+1 daily) can be converted into butcher knowledge after 300 days, which will give an additional 0.003 gold per hour of active work at the meat processing plant, which at least will already pay for the daily existence of the clone itself. Interestingly, in this "diaspora", almost all the clones we are interested in already have the necessary experience to convert it, for example, into the same knowledge of a butcher, you don't even have to wait a year.

Secondly, by sending a recently purchased authority to the "bathhouse" (Thermae), for the same 0.025 gold - we have a boost in military initiative, which over time can give a huge advantage to your fighter in the form of "the right of the first strike." The advantage of even 1 unit of initiative between fighting clones greatly increases the chance of winning in battle, and after all, with a criminal authority of more than 70k, the military initiative in terms increases by 22 units per day!

The same +1 prudence and converting them into the necessary knowledge - no comment.

Thirdly, it will be possible to start forming a formidable bandit army (this is not just a gang of bandits for you!). You can raise the status of one such artisan to a tradesman, and then everyone who is in the service of a bandit army will daily add +2 initiative, +10 authority and +5 knowledge of military affairs to their piggy bank.

Well, if you don’t want to form a gang and spend money on raising your status, then you can join an existing one for free - they will be happy to accept it.

There is only one question: what is the real value of acquiring such a promising assistant? According to the results of monitoring the auctions, it is clear that it is practically impossible to snatch such cheaper than 7-8 gold now. Someone will wait for the price of 5 gold, but may fly by with the purchase. And someone will fight and reap the benefits in a year. Who knows? Maybe Webman will catch up with the New Year, or maybe you will have to guard caravans or railway junctions? One thing is clear: a good warrior at your disposal is definitely a good investment.

Author: Zloyyy , Editor: DarkSilver